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 There are times when I sign up to review a book either by the request of an author or as part of a blog tour or promo. I will also post reviews for books that I have purchased.  I do not charge for any review or accept favors and/or discounts. My reviews are solely my own opinion and are not based on other reviews.

I do not let other reviews influence my opinion before I read the book. Just because one person does not like a book does not mean I will not. I believe everyone deserves a second opinion. If a book does not strike my fancy and I have already committed to the review then I will be as discreet as possible.

Any images, banners or code used in my posts have been provided by the tour hosts and their logos will also be present in the post. There may also be images that have been used from Google or Goodreads that are used in my reviews that I do not claim as my own.


I try to be as honest and fair as possible with all of my reviews.   





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  • Love this site

  • Very impressed with your site. Can’t wait for my book to be on here too

  • Hi!

    I am new to working with book bloggers. I have just released a great book that I hope you would love to read! It is an adventurous, edgy, fun, contemporary romance with a hint of the supernatural!

    It is on Amazon only and if you or other bloggers or readers want a free digital/Kindle version-check it out on Oct 23-24, 2015.


    If you want to review it-please let me know when it posts!

    Pamela Southwood
    The Devils Intended: Love & Evil In Palm Beach

    ISBN: 1517629020

    See description on Amazon! I think it will entice you! I was on Kindle Scout’s Hot & Trending list every day!

    Find Rich Men, True Love, And Keep Your Soul?

    The Devil’s Intended-Hit Novel From Amazon’s Kindle Scout’s Hot & Trending List!!!

    Kristen Wentworth was beautiful, blonde, and somewhat naïve when it came to her men. She was expected to marry within her social circle; but the wealthier they were, the more secrets they had!

    Palm Beach is hiding even a bigger secret as the prestigious members of the Whitestone Country Club are running amok trying to “secure” dates for their highly anticipated Black Veil soirée. At this shadowy event it is never considered a privilege to be the Guest of Honor, and poor Kristen is perched right in the center of their sight lines.

    It has been quite a quest for the young socialite while searching for her prince. She hooks up with a top executive, a Mafia nightclub owner, and a quirky New York police lieutenant as she tries to avoid kissing all the other frogs along the way. She is also preyed upon by Robert St. Pierre, a high stakes con artist who she just can’t seem to escape!

    Kristen finally finds her true love but then forsakes it all for Karl, a handsome and somewhat “devilish” British tycoon that she meets at a charity ball. As he lures her into his dark realm, Kristen is now unsure of exactly who is in charge of her future.

    The Devil’s Intended is filled with steamy romance, a hint of the supernatural, and unforgettable true to life characters. Its unexpected twists provide for an adventure on every page!

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